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Electroplating :

Trivalient Zinc, Acid Zinc, Alkaline Zinc,

Zinc Nickel, Tin, Lead

W A Plating offers all rack and barrel plating and internal plating of tubing in the following:

Alkaline and Acid Zinc Plating with Trivalient and Hexavalient Passivation

WA Plating offers alkaline or acid zinc together with the different passivations eg  Trivalient (Chrome VI Free) Blue, Yellow and Black and also the Hexavalient (Chrome VI) passivations which are Yellow, Blue, Olive Drab and Black.   Corrosion resistance upto 240 hours salt spray.  We offer a sealer which will increase the corrosion resistance upto 480 hours on zinc plated parts.

Zinc Nickel

A combination of 88% Zinc and 12% Nickel deposits which can give a very high corrosion resistance - upto 1000 hours salt spray.

Tin and Lead Plating

Mostly used for our battery manufacturing customers.


W A Plating implemented this process in order to electropolish the stainless steel roll bars and nudge bars for Sentech Industries and the end user General Motors. 


This process offers a superb chrome like finish on 304 / 316 stainless steel which achieves a mirror finish.  W A Plating is currently electropolishing components for the medical and pharmaceutical industry.  We also electropolish components for vintage cars and motor bikes.


Shot blasting, derusting, descaling,

paint stripping, zinc Phosphate

Shot Blasting

On site for any components.

Derusting and Descaling

W A Plating offers this process and ensures no corrosion occurs as per the customer requirement.

Paint Stripping

Chemically done for various components - metal, aluminium etc

Zinc Phosphate

Done using either a rack or barrel system.

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