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Delta Tone, Delta Seal

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Ultimate Corrosion Protection

Delta Tone and Delta Seal are manufactured in Germany and we coat under licence to Dorken.  Delta Tone, Delta Protekt is a  zinc aluminium flake which is coated on to components via a dip spin or spray technique depending on the design.  It offers a very thin coating with a very high corrosion resistance.  We can coat threaded parts from M6 up without blocking the thread and achieving upto 2000 hours of salt spray.

Delta Seal is an organic top coat with a self lubricant - is being used on moving parts eg seat belt components, nuts etc.  We offer silver and black finish however there are more colours available.  This product range has been approved by the motor industry world wide by numerous motor car manufacturers.  This product is suitable for engine compartments, and resistant to certain chemicals eg fuel.  

Powder Coating and Wet Spray

A range of colours is on offer on all metal components.  Prior to powder coating, the components are treated to ensure powder bondage and long lasting corrosion protection.

Zinc Phosphate

Done using either a rack or barrel system.

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