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When the e coating plant from Sentech Industries came on the market earlier this year the decision was taken to purchase the line and include e coating in our portfolio.


The line first had to be stripped and completely refurbished with many parts being replaced or thoroughly overhauled to meet our high standard of production and quality.  

What all needed to be done?

•The tanks had to be completely sandblasted, repaired and repainted.

•All the electrical boxes and connections had to be rewired and refurbished. 

•All the plumbing had to be completely replaced. 

•The gantry, i beams and walkways refurbished and most replaced. 

•A technician from Johannesburg flew down and completely overhauled the DI Water plant.  

•The challenge of changing the oven to become more energy and time efficient was huge with the entire oven being dismantled and rebuilt to a different design.

•The filtration system had to be either overhauled or most parts replaced. 

•The hoists have been replaced with faster and more up to date technology and also the ability to automate.

•The heat exchanger had to be completely replaced. 

•The main pumps and back up generator were completely overhauled and rewired.


Which Chemical Supplier did we choose and why?

•After much deliberation we decided to use PPG.

•Our reasoning was as follows:

•They are an international company with a very good reputation and years of experience in the coating field

•Controls form the key to our success in metal treatment and this was also an important part of our decision process. PPG has a technician based in Port Elizabeth who is able to do back up testing on a weekly basis

•They have a laboratory which is able to do all necessary testing on parts

•Their products produce an excellent quality finish

•Their products are listed on the IMDS website.

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